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by Roger Trancik

Layers of Rome, a digital textbook, helps you explore how the ancient city of Rome, Italy rebuilt itself layer upon layer into a modern metropolis. Through computer-generated 3D models, combined with color photographs, video and narratives, the design of Rome is experienced as you move through spaces in the city. The program's animations and virtual reality renderings bring you back 2000 years to Rome's Campus Martius area and provide unique visualization tools for studying urban growth and change through time. Layers of Rome is presented in a CD-ROM set with companion booklet and will be available in both Macintosh and Windows versions.

The program features 150 urban spaces and structures that you can visit. Learn about urban design through the ages at Montecitorio, Sant'Ignazio, Campo Marzio, Pantheon, Sant'Agostino, Coronari, Della Pace, Governo Vecchio, Navona, Sant'Ivo, Della Valle, Campo dei Fiori, Farnese, Pompey and Giubbonari.

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Development of this educational software was made possible, in part, by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, and Cornell University's Institute for European Studies.

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